Winter Wonderland

From the bustling city streets to the subterranean world of the subway, our daily lives are consumed by the fast-paced rhythms of urban living. But what happens to all the natural Christmas trees after the holiday season ends? Winter Wonderland was a temporary art installation that made its debut in Floridsdorf, Vienna during the winter of 2021.

It brought the forest to the city, providing a space for us to reconnect with nature amidst the concrete jungle. It was an urban forest that invited us to pause and reflect on our relationship with the natural world. Through this ephemeral installation, we were reminded of the resources we took from nature and the waste we produced, prompting us to consider more sustainable ways of living.

Artwork by:
Gala Kuckhoff, Juan Vértiz Márquez, Lorenz Zenleser

Curated by:
Veronika Hackla