Un/Drinkable Water

This piece contemplates the current state of water worldwide, taking inspiration from the statement: “The water that is drinkable is going to start disappearing, and the water that is not drinkable is going to start appearing everywhere.”

During a residency at SOART in the region of Carinthia, Austria, I was invited by the duo artists Böhler and Orendt to reflect on various topics, and I chose to focus on the actual state and quality of the lake. This reflection raised many questions: Is it safe to drink water from there? Where do people get this precious resource? What will the state of the lake be in twenty years? With these questions in mind, I created an installation that examined the topic of drinkable water. The installation featured different liquids inside a large lake, which people could enjoy for leisure, but which was also a source of drinkable water.

Artwork by:
Juan Vértiz Márquez

Curated by:
Böehler and Orend