Narratives of Water 

The narratives about the consumption and care of water differ around the world. Although the water crisis is a global issue, the measures taken to address it vary - politically, collectively, and individually. 

This project portrays the contrast between the Global South and the Global North and illustrates how living in Vienna can feel like being in a completely different world. Currently, there are no critical problems with water supply, infrastructure, or water quality, but there is a problem of insensitivity and perpetuation of a narrative that is irresponsible in the context of a global crisis. Moreover, this narrative could impact the water situation in the near future if left unchallenged.

Also seeks to reflect on the differences that keep us from building a more just, solidary, and sustainable society where human rights are not a privilege.

Artwork by:
Paul Chiwona, Paulina Flores and Juan Vértiz

Project Supervisor: Christina Sschraml